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underwear,garment,gel,Magnet Underpants

˙Magnet has eternal electricity. It works as the same way as acu-point stimulation for improving the immune system.˙Magnet work with Meridian in body via acupoints to enhance health. Features:Special Underpants with TPR-Gel and magnet to improve Maternity Diseases The relative acupoints are Qihai, Quanyuan, Zhongji, and Qugu. Acupoints improve: Neurasthenia, Abdominal distention, Stomachache, Dysmenorrhea, Enuresis, Micturition, Impotence, Leukorrhea, Spermatorrhea, Sterility…etc. DATA FROM: ACUPUNCTURE THEORY OF DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, EXECUTIVE YOAN, TW Specification:˙CONTENTS:NYLON 80%/SPANDEX 20%;MAGNET*2˙COLOR: BLACK˙SIZE: FREE, PIECE˙ORIGIN: TAIWAN

10~15mmHg compression Keeping Shape Healthy Pantyhose

1. 10~15mmHg Lycra High Support, improve blood circulation 2. Improve the situation of varix & edema 3. Gradually pressure to keeping leg shape Specification:˙S , M , L , XL˙ COLOR:Black / Nude  CONTENTS:Nylon 75% / Spandex(Lycra) 25% Payment method:T/T Check out how we confirm the compression of the compression socks 

Moisturizing Sock

1. It can reduce the pressure of feet to prevent the ache of waist, knee and cervical vertebra.2. It can reduce the pressure of body and improve the health of feet.3. The bio-gel can moisturize feet to prevent the heel cracks.4. It can prevent the injury of heel and reduce the pressure of feet when people walks. 5. Specification:  (1) Size: Free (Female)  (2) Colors: Black, Grey  (3) Contents: Nylon 80% / Spandex 20%, Gel: TPR 100% 6. For:  (1) People who stand for long time (ex. Service Industry people…)  (2) People who have heel cracks.  (3) People who have wound on the foot need to moisturize and anti-bacterial.  (4) Daily care of foot.

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As a manufacture who has been under this business for more than 20 years, we are proud for our high quality Medical Compression Socks. We offer different dens and styles. Socks, Stockings or pantyhose. We are also able to take both OEM/ODM odrers. We are certificated for ISO, FDA, SGS...etc. Confident that our high quality control will meet your needs.

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